2 Versions of Confirmation Emails

We’ve had numerous people email us about the confusion of the confirmation email. In our confirmation email, we have verbiage that includes when the show will be aired, a 'test your system, a calendar reminder and a joining link. Since this is the same email that is sent out for on-demand versions, we also include verbiage about viewing the on-demand version afterwards.

The challenge is that we don’t have time to change the confirmation emails for on-demand versions of each of our many webcasts.

The solution would be to have 2 confirmation emails. One that goes out BEFORE the on-demand version of a webcast is rendered, and then one that would go out AFTER the webcast becomes available on-demand.

Would love to see this put into the pipeline!

I agree. This would be a great addition.

There is definitely a need for another email that notifies people once the content in an ‘on-demand’ event has become available. Only having the registration confirmation email is a huge pain point for us!